About Streams & Valleys, The Voice of the Trinity River

The Trinity River belongs to all of us. It’s the reason why Fort Worth was founded, and it remains our grandest civic space.

Since 1969, Streams & Valleys has been a passionate voice for the Trinity River. We’re a non-profit organization that helps to educate our community, raise money for vital projects, improve community access and beautify the River and trails. We also bring together The River Partners and others to work for the common good.

We have decades of progress behind us – and now, we have so much opportunity ahead of us with the completion of CONFLUENCE: The Trinity River Strategic Master Plan.

As the river evolves, Streams & Valleys is changing, too.

We focus on five key areas where we are making significant impact:

Community Awareness

Utilizing strategic communication, education and programming to promote trail safety, water quality and river access.

Advocacy and Consensus Building

Serving as a trusted advocate for environmentally sensitive development and responsible use of the Trinity River and its trail network by providing a meeting ground for City officials, agencies, property owners, developers, local businesses, and community members to come together and plan for the future.

Events and Programs

Developing and producing high-quality, high-impact events and programs to strengthen community cohesion and connections to the river and to obtain a stable source of funding.

Special Projects

Managing and coordinating projects that would otherwise fall outside the purview or capacity of public agency partners.

Resources for the River

Conducting a wide range of fundraising activities, including pursuit of private donations, grant writing, and sponsored events and programs.

Please join us as we navigate this bold new course to ensure the ongoing success of the Trinity River, our community, and its people.