Key Projects

Our Projects

Here is just a sample of the multi-faceted projects included in CONFLUENCE:The Trinity River Strategic Master PlanTo see a full list of the proposed projects, Click here

University Drive Trail Bridge + Rockwood Park Floodable Open Space

This project includes an iconic pedestrian and bicycle bridge that will be constructed alongside the University Drive overpass, providing access to the river and a safe route for commuters, recreationalists, and visitors alike.

Bomber Spur

The Bomber Spur is a major catalytic project that would transform the abandoned Bomber Railroad Spur into a trail between the Clear Fork and Upper West Fork. The trail will originate at approximately the intersection between W. Vickery Boulevard and State Highway183, running north along North Z Boaz Community Park, to the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base, where it will split towards Upper West Fork and White Settlement.

This rails-to-trails project could become a regional destination, with races and events occurring between the two river segments. It will also provide a new recreational amenity and an off-street connective route for communities in West Fort Worth, including White Settlement and Westworth Village.

An important strategy to implement this project is to divide it into segments for which different local partners could provide funding and support.

Forest Park Boulevard Enhancements

This project will improve the aesthetics and connectivity along Forest Park Boulevard. It will establish a gateway to Downtown by including multi-modal improvements, connectivity to the trail system, wayfinding enhancements, and distinctive landscaping.

Sycamore Creek – Trinity River Connection

Connectivity between Sycamore Creek and the Trinity River is currently limited, but critical to create a truly equitable river network. The first phase of this project includes an on-street alignment from the confluence of Sycamore Creek and West Fork East along Scott Avenue, down Hardwood Street and Conner Avenue, and west on E. Vickery Boulevard to reconnect with the trail system at Sycamore Park. Potential additional phases include a similar on-street treatment along Riverside Drive, and eventually an off-street path through Sycamore Golf Course.

Zoo Trail Connection + Oxbow Kayak Loop

This project will provide a trail connection between the Fort Worth Zoo and the recently–completed trail bridge south of West Rosedale Street. The project will also create a navigable kayak loop along the oxbow just north of the Zoo.

Marine Creek – Trinity River Connection

This is a broad-reaching project to establish a connected network of trails and waterways, and to celebrate the confluence of Marine Creek and the Trinity River. It also includes the creation of wayfinding improvements to guide visitors from the trail system to the historic Stockyards.

River Loop Trail

This long-term project establishes connections between each of the major Trinity River segments, allowing residents throughout Fort Worth to more easily access the river network. The River Loop Trail will enable recreationalists to travel between the different segments directly rather than connecting at the Downtown confluence.

Since the Trinity Trails system is almost complete, this project represents the next phase of connectivity improvements for the river system. The River Loop Trail will consist of primarily on-street bike lanes, clearly marked and branded as part of the Trinity Trails network.